What Are the Top Colon Cleanse Products That Are Safe to Use?

Maintaining proper intestinal health is one of the first stepping stones in overall health and general well-being. After all, it is thought that much of the disease that we experience starts in the colon so it would only make sense that keeping this area of our body clean and functioning properly would be important. With […]

The Oxy-Hydrogen Fuel Kit – Find Out Which One Works

So, you’ve heard about the Oxy-hydrogen fuel kit. You’ve heard that you can get up to double your mileage by making a simple conversion to your car and you want to know how to do it. But you don’t want to get sucked into some gimmick or scam and have your car ruined and your […]

How Can I Be Over 40, F-OXY and Fit?

When you looked at the title of this article, did you get the impression that the author did not recognize the proper use of hyphenation? Why in the world would anyone hyphenate the word ‘foxy’? Well rest easy, there’s a very good reason the author inserted the hyphen, to emphasize the latter part of the […]

Colon Cleanse Oxy Treatments – A Review of Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers

Oxygen is a powerful cleansing agent so it only makes sense that someone would have found a way to make oxygen based colon cleanser. The Oxy-Powder 7 Day cleansing system is representative of many of the oxygen based cleansing systems on the market today. Oxy based cleansing systems are generally based on sound nutritional principles […]

OxyDHQ – Killing Cancer Through Cellular Oxygenation

Low cellular oxygen levels can lead to cancer: We live in a world today where harmful toxins & carcinogens are ever present, even in the air we breathe. General household products including cleaning products, air fresheners etc. plus beauty & skincare creams, bath & shower gels, unless they are naturally based, contain parabans & other […]